About Adelaide Men's Health Physio

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A physio clinic run by a man, for men who need pelvic floor exercises, education and advice.

Adelaide Men's Health Physio services include

  • Prehab and rehabilitation following radical prostatectomy
  • Pelvic floor exercises for urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction
  • Real time ultrasound evaluation of pelvic floor muscle function
  • Bladder training
  • Personalised exercises, classes and Pilates
  • Group exercise for men affected by Prostate Cancer (including ADT & radiotherapy)
  • Education and advice

Who we are

It is a stressful time for males affected by leaky bladders or those diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, prostatectomy or cancer treatment leaves a lot of men with issues below the belt. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction are really common. These can be hard things to talk about with others but we understand what you’re going through and rest assured we’ve dealt with heaps of guys that have gone through the same thing.

We're experienced in treating males following prostatectomy and other men’s health issues. We have completed post-graduate masters in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and done further education with some of Australia’s leading men’s health minds.

What we do 

We’re not like other physios- we treat men with urinary continence or erectile problems. We don't get awkward talking about this kind of stuff- its our job and we want to help you.

We educate men about what's going on downstairs in the urinary and reproductive systems to help them understand their issues. Most guys are oblivious to the pelvic floor muscles but this group of muscles at the bottom of your pelvis can help stem the flow of urine. After prostate surgery it is common that your normal plumbing doesn't work as well and specific exercises for the pelvic floor can improve this. There's research showing guided pelvic floor exercises can help reduce leaking urine and improve erectile function. Don't get put off by the thought of getting poked and prodded by physios and Doctors we use non-invasive ultrasound techniques to see how your pelvic floor muscles are working… or not. With our background in exercise and sport science we guide men with lifestyle and physical activity advice to help them get back to their best. 

We specialise in men’s health issues and take a personalised holistic approach to management.